Wednesday, June 15, 2011


its been so long since the last post so here am i doing the honor of 'refreshing' it. just a little something that came across my mind before i doze off in csc lecture; I MISS SCHOOL.

lets put this to our thinking,

in school,
- the teach-er not only knows his/her students name but also can describe one's personality (very detailed for certain cases)
- students not only can talk but jokes around with the teach-er
- students have fixed sits
- teach-er is greet with salam and bid farewell with 'thank you' or 'barakallah'
- class is started with doa
- you CAN ALWAYS skip school if you don't feel like it *like i always did :)

yet in university,
- the teach-er doesn't even know her/his student(s) whats more their pe
- it is more likely to be a one way interaction only
- students change sits
- teach-er come and go just like that
- class just start. just like that.
- you CAN'T skip lecture -.-

all this makes me feel solemnly missing school if i could say. and the fact that i can't quite meet you guys anymore make it even worse. i miss you guys. and girls too. a lot.
to all of you out there, all the best in everything you put yourself in.

to be honest, there are a lot of things that i wanted to say but somehow i can't quite describe them in words. still, i miss you guys.

and if there is any 'budak sekolah' reading this post, jgnlah eksai
ted sgt nk abis skola. xdela best mane ponn.

ps: i miss our phys lecture n lecturer. of that green tables tops and vending machine. ;'(

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indeed..there's no one can replace our teacher in SHAMS..tq teacher!!!:DD

Fatimah Zahra' said...

true! aku pun macam dah hilang je perasaan 'excited' lepas kuar sekolah. woi.. nak sekolah balik laaaaa...

AbdullahUmar said...

SHAMS' sensei are irreplaceable

little gurl said...

miss u all

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