Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Debate Arab


Woa, it's been so long time since I logged in to here. Yep, so long that I forgot the password and username.

Anyway, today, just want to share a bit of our story.

Preliminary round was on the weekends in which we had three games each day. Out of six, we won 3 only. With that, we were not able to go to the next round. Well, we deserved it for the very lack of practise :)

As for the champion, as expected Kisas. 2nd place Naim lil Banat, 3rd SAMT Sultan Hishamuddin (sekolah ust Sawiyah) and 4th SM Imtiyaz, Dungun (we target this school to be in the final coz the debater is great!)

Our school ranks 21th out of 40, still no.1 but on the second page. Individual rank for us, lead by Farzana at 86, me at 90, Umar at 101 and Syahmi at 110. The reason that we got SO big number was that none of us participate in all rounds.
Anyway, we satisfied (really??) with what we got. To all friends that supported and pray for our success, zillion of thank you.

To Farzana, Umar and Syahmi, thank you too for our cooperation and teamwork, especially Farzana, you helped me A LOT! Thanks for it. I nearly can't believe that I manage to do that.

The three of them in the last round

I took extra leave today of blockage nose *sneeze* =)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


This blog seems dead.
Anyway, hows everyone result?
Okay lah. Taktau ape nak cakap.
-_____- "
Alrite. Fifah lead so far. Aye Yuuki?
And yeah, Mail freaking us out with his tremendous score!
Addmath A+.
Erk. Mail memang freak kadang2. Oops. Sorry Mail.

'Enuff la Sep. Everyone knows it.
Anyway people,
Pembetulan da siap?
teehee ^.^

PS; Oh man! Essay!

Sangatlah malas,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Salamun Alaikum Thibtom....

Assalamualaikum.. hari ni, insya Allah, xder aper yg nk ckp, saje nk menghilangkan sarang labah2 dan semak samun yang dam melingkari blog nih... paper pon.. tgk lar video yang kt bawah nih... hhuhuhuhuhuhuhu......

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Holiday!!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

salam dari bahrain

assalamulaikum wahai umat manusia sekalian.

sekarang waktu msia 8.45 malam an?
tapi kat bahrain ni ha baru nak masuk asar.
tengah transit ni sblm gi jeddah.

salam buat students 5 ikram wa semua che' gu2.
selamat bercuti dengan cuti2 shams korang.
selamat study dgn perkampungan korang.

underscore T aka TiM

Satu Fikrah